Garbage Chute Cleaning Calgary

Routinely cleaning your garbage chute, compactor, and other waste receptacles can create a pleasant guest experience in your residential, educational or commercial building. Red Dot Cleaning provides professional garbage chute cleaning services in Calgary. We include complimentary floor-by-floor garbage chute inspection for all our jobs.

Over time, garbage dries and cakes the sides of the chute, causing unwanted bacteria and odors to linger in the building. Having your garbage chute professionally cleaned regularly is a proven and effective method in the prevention of airborne hazards for your residents.

We utilize high-pressure and scraping methods, effectively eliminating dried garbage stains, liquids, and odors in the chute. Not only does our exclusive process clean the chute, we also eliminate fire hazards that exist within the chute. Our process goes from top to bottom of the chute. We also sanitize the garbage bin using a heated pressure washer.

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Our Garbage Chute Cleaning Procedure:

Step #1
Preparatory - We examine the garbage chute for blockages, lock-out & tag-out equipment for preparation of the hot steam cleaning process. Seal all garbage chute doors.

Step #2
Degreasing - The garbage chute is then soaked with our heavy duty Trash Blaster Bio-Enzymatic (Eco-friendly and biodegradable) degreaser.

Step #3
Hot Water Power Washing: A crew member operates and sprays the garbage chute with our high psi hot water machine.

Step #4
Final garbage chute door cleaning.

Step #5
Final garbage room cleaning: A crew member scrubs the entire garbage room and removes all the water.

Step #6
All of the waste is then bagged for disposal.

Benefits include:

  • Most jobs done in one day
  • Comply with building by-laws
  • Deodorize garbage chutes and bin area
  • Increase longevity of chute, compactor, and bin
  • Reduce risk of fire
  • Reduce rodent & insect problems
  • Removal of bacteria, viruses and build up of garbage

Experienced Garbage Chute Cleaning Calgary

Regardless of the height of your building, we have the appropriate equipment available to completely and professionally clean your garbage chute. We use a custom, rotating turbo power washing head which fits into typical garbage chutes. Our special cleaning head is then hooked up to one of our high-pressure power washers. We send this device from the very top floor to the very bottom of your chute.

We are a well-respected, experienced cleaning company that handles this service for a large amount of property owners, property managers and housing authorities in Calgary and surrounding area. You can trust that we will not only get the job done for you — we will get it done right!